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Referral Program

Want to show us love and snag some cool gear too? Here's how our referral program works.

Getting started.

  1. Sign up for an account. If you've already bought earbuds, just login with the email you used to place your order.
  2. Use your unique link to spread the word through social media, email, etc. Please don't post your link to sites or forums that don't belong to you (that's spamming!), and don't try to run paid ads with your referral link. When you put your referral link out there, people who show up at the website can earn you points.

What your friends do.

When friends click your referral link, they can:

  • Get Stoned - for everyone who purchases after clicking your link, you'll get a sick 420 points. The sale has to stick; if someone refunds, we have to refund the points, too!
  • Get Hooked Up - for everyone who signs up to get updates from us, you'll get a very cool 10 points. The email has to be valid and get confirmed for the points to stick.

What you get.

As you keep getting points, we keep paying out rewards.

  • Level 1 (840 points)

    This early on, we'll enter you into a raffle for an exclusive Stoned hoodie. This only runs once, so you'll be the only badass on the block to have it!

  • Level 2 (1680 points)

    At this level, you get a personal coupon for 20% off a set of earbuds. Get Stoned at a bargain price!

  • Level 3 (2520 points)

    Here, we'll get you a 3-month membership to Spotify - on us. Get lost in whatever musical trips you want.

  • Level 4 (3360 points)

    You're out there representing, so we'll help you represent! At this level, we'll drop you a free swag bag with a hat and t-shirt.

  • Level 5 (4200 points)

    We've gotta hand it to you, you're really sold on getting the world Stoned! So let's start with you. You get the big 4200, we'll get you a free set of Stoned Earbuds.

What else?

You can look up all the nitty-gritty on the site's terms.

Stay Stoned

Stay in the loop with the latest updates, discounts and offers.